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VPI is based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and develops Virtual Reality software for displaying CT, MRI and other scan data in high quality true stereo 3D. VPI Revealâ„¢ allows medical professionals to dynamically explore and interact with these models by rotation, zooming, adding colour, transparency and clipping planes. The medical professionals are able to view parts of the body as a preparation for operations or to gain insight into problems inside the body in an intuitive way. VPI Revealâ„¢ is built on serious gaming software, most of it in C++, part of it in the GPU. It is currently being extended to add a wide range of major functionality to the system, involving Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, image processing and expansion to other platforms including tablets, telephones and VR headsets. Take a look at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC760pMaSr_F8oJupK03Jakg

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VPI Reveal

Adres Beemdstraat 1
Postcode / Plaats 5653MA, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
Telefoon 040-2180031
Website http://www.vpireveal.com

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